Detroit Red Wings: Dylan Larkin stays put on 8-year contract extension

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The Detroit Red Wings finally caved in and got their guy. After a bit of a stalemate between the two sides, Dylan Larkin and Steve Yzerman were able to find common ground. Larkin signed an eight-year, $69.6 million contract extension with an $8.7 million average annual value.

Finally, a breath of fresh air for the Detroit Red Wings, who can breathe peacefully, knowing their captain is staying up for the long haul. At times there was certainly some worry that he could be traded leading up to the deadline as the two sides were so deadlocked on their valuation of the team’s captain.

The Red Wings had a couple of rough games the last two nights as they took on the Ottawa Senators in two very physical match-ups. The two losses might have signaled a shift in the Red Wings’ deadline plans, with the team likely to sell off some assets and capitalize on the trade deadline frenzy.

It was even a possibility at one point that teams were checking in on Larkin’s availability, but the Red Wings were able to lock up their captain for the next eight seasons and ensure they kept no.71 in Hockeytown.

Detroit Red Wings forward Dylan Larkin signs an eight-year extension.

It appeared the stalemate between the two sides was over the deal’s valuation with an eight-year agreement. It looks like Yzerman might have caved in a bit and shelled out a little extra over the eight years to ensure Larkin stayed with the Red Wings.

After all, Larkin has been playing exceptionally well this season. Through 59 games played, the Red Wings captain has 22 goals and 35 assists for 57 total points. It’s been impressive to watch him try to ignite this offense when the team is down or try to pick up that extra goal to extend the lead.

There has been a lot to like from the 26-year-old centerman this season, and it’s time for Red Wings fans to take a deep breath and relax. The veteran forward and Red Wings captain is here to stay and will be a part of this team’s plans for years to come.

With the Red Wings locking up their captain for the next eight seasons, it is time to shift focus to the trade deadline again. With Friday steadily approaching, the Red Wings’ plans may have shifted to become sellers, looking to move players that they can get a solid return on.

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Keep an eye on things as Friday approaches, but fans can breathe a little easier now, knowing Larkin got his deal taken care of.