Detroit Red Wings: Could Steve Yzerman cave on Dylan Larkin’s contract?

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As the Detroit Red Wings continue with their 2022-23 season, the future will hang in the balance. Not that the Red Wings will have to undergo another rebuild, but the hang-up with contract negotiations with the team’s captain.

For Detroit Red Wings General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman and Dylan Larkin, there’s been a bit of a stalemate. Both sides appear to agree on an eight-year contract, but the money aspect is where the two sides are just so slightly apart from one another.

After Bo Horvat was traded to the Islanders and then extended, Larkin gained some more leverage in the matter. Frankly, his continued offense could be viewed as both a blessing and a curse for the negotiations.

Yzerman has made it clear that he will test out the trade markets. While the Red Wings would like to hang onto their captain, and dealing with him would indeed suck for the fanbase, do not put it past Yzerman.

Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman could cave on Dylan Larkin negotiations.

But, with Larkin continuing to surge with his offense, there has to be a point where Yzerman closes his eyes and slides the paper to Larkin to sign on the dotted. Eventually, the Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman could cave in and finally give Larkin the money he’s been asking for.

Larkin has been exceptionally hot to start the second half of the season. He’s climbed into a pace that has him at a point-per-game pace after the team’s shootout victory in Edmonton. Larkin had a goal and an assist in Wednesday night’s game to put him at 52 total points.

In 52 games played, Larkin has 21 goals and 31 assists. His offense continues to shine, and he constantly finds ways to get things done. Amid the contract negotiation stalemate and trade rumors, Larkin continues to find ways to stay hot.

Frankly, Larkin has been able to throw the Red Wings on his back and help keep things going in the right direction. With the contract negotiations continuing, the roads will cross at some point, and Yzerman could be the one to budge.

After all, Larkin is the team’s captain, and parting ways with him could be a bigger deal than it seems on the surface level. Don’t get it twisted; if the right offer comes around for the Red Wings, Yzerman will pull the trigger.

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But eventually, if the scoring continues and the risk/reward of losing Larkin crosses a line, Yzerman has to cave. If he continues to score, Yzerman might have to cough up the extra money to keep him in Detroit.