The hero Detroit Red Wings need…

Here’s the Detroit Red Wings hero they’ve searched for and why.
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Even without a change to center…

Hinting at the shift to center is not a possibility, Lalonde indicated the deployment of Raymond as a center was out of necessity when he played some shifts at center. 

It’s interesting to know that it’s not something the Detroit Red Wings see for Raymond long-term. I’m not sure if that’s the preference of the player or the team. (The team lacks wingers, so it could very well be a team thing.)

Even if Raymond isn’t a center, I still think the Detroit Red Wings coaching staff isn’t using Raymond as much as they should. They let Moritz Seider loose on both specialty teams, playing against high levels of competition, and as much ice time as he can handle.

At times, it seems like the Detroit Red Wings coaching staff holds back on using Raymond. Sometimes he’s deployed on the second power play unit or second line (5-on-5) rather than spending most of his time against the opposition’s best penalty kill unit or forward line.

I wish the Detroit Red Wings had a bit more faith and confidence in Raymond like they do with Seider. Maybe long-term they will, especially given the way his game was at the end of the season. Similarly to Raymond forcing his way on to the roster for the 2021-22 season, he might force the Detroit Red Wings coaching staff to reconsider both his role in the team and within the lineup.

No longer should he be held back, played lower in the lineup, or only given top line duties when other players are unavailable. I think he’s an undeniable play driver who can play with and against the best. 

He’s the hero the Detroit Red Wings have searched for next season and beyond if given the chance. Often, players struggle with these transitions. If we look at Seider, his numbers and on ice play might not prevent a goal against every single shift but he learns from those hard lessons.

Raymond will too. He and the Detroit Red Wings will be better in the long run for it. 

Echoing back to my  reference and Raymond being the equivalent of Mulan, I see him as the future and inspiration of the Detroit Red Wings. He’s who we want players to emulate.

Yes, his talent is off the charts, but it’s more so his work ethic, inner drive, and compete that sets him apart from the rest. His current teammates and upcoming Detroit Red Wings prospects can all learn from and adapt these aspects to their own game.

It’s why as soon as next season, I vote for Raymond to wear an “A” on his jersey. He already demonstrates the player architype we need in our leaders. Coupled with Larkin, I think they would make for one of the best leadership groups the Detroit Red Wings have had since the rebuild started.

If someone like Seider is added to the mix, I think the Detroit Red Wings would become even stronger following in all three players’ footsteps. It’s clear that Larkin, Seider, and Raymond are trailblazing the path to Lord Stanley. 

Why not make it even more obvious and give the two young guys the alternate captain status fans are dreaming of and the players deserve?

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