Baby of the Detroit Red Wings is all grown up &...?

Team Sweden has named its captain and alternate captains for the IIHF Mens World Championships. Although surprising, this alternate captain selection is well earned. He’s seemingly all grown up and making waves. The Detroit Red Wings should take notes.
Sweden v United States - 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Czechia
Sweden v United States - 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Czechia / PressFocus/MB Media/GettyImages
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One of my cousins, we always joke who is sent straight from heaven, is considered the baby of our family. He’s now engaged, a big buff over 6’ tall young man, but he’s still the baby of our family.

Ironically, he’s not even the true baby of the cousins. He’s just the baby of my immediate generation. I’m sure being considered the baby of the family isn’t his favorite title, but everybody loves him.

There’s always a warm smile and a sense of hope whenever he’s near.

Maybe it’s why, the first moment that I saw Lucas Raymond, I couldn’t help but think of my baby cousin. They look nothing alike but have similar dispositions. Ever since, I’ve decided to protect Raymond just as I would my baby cousin (whether or not they need protection is irrelevant to my brain). 

Seeing how far Raymond and the Detroit Red Wings have come in just a few years is a roller coaster of emotions. He’s now all grown up, or so it seems, and saving his NHL team and helping his country.