Detroit Red Wings’ fans have reasons to remain positive as the regular season closes

As the regular season marches towards its finale, the Detroit Red Wings' fans have some positives to look forward to.
Detroit Red Wings v Washington Capitals
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A Forward

A while back, I wrote about how the Detroit Red Wings’ overall season and Mulan (the 1998 cartoon version) compare. At that time, I wasn’t certain if the Detroit Red Wings had their Mulan. 

After some internal debate, which wasn’t long, I decided Lucas Raymond is the Detroit Red Wings’ version of Mulan. While the Detroit Red Wings’ captain, Dylan Larkin, could be argued, I’d say he’s more like a General Li Shang. 

Larkin provides the guidance, motor, and discipline for his team, as Raymond provides the spark, innovation, and will power. 

Last season, we saw Raymond go through the beginning of Mulan’s training montage. 

By the end of the season, as a collective we wondered of Raymond’s next steps. It wasn’t as harsh as Shang telling Mulan to pack up and go home, but maybe some fans were at that point. 

Even still, I hear people saying they’d take Ottawa Senators’ centerman, Tim Stützle, in a one-for-one trade. Outside of Jonatan Berggren still playing for the Grand Rapids Griffins, I couldn’t disagree more with this idea.

Raymond’s grown into an above-average NHL player with the potential of becoming a star in the best hockey league in the world. One might argue that historically and currently, Stützle has the edge in these categories, and I would say you’re right. 

However, nobody wants it more than Raymond.

“It” being a multitude of things, but mainly the puck. This list also includes winning (one-on-one battles, positioning, board battles, games, etc.). Raymond is always the hungriest on the ice, which I will bet on every time.

Hunger is a trait that I see in our current captain, and previous captains alike.

Raymond takes ideas and skills from other players, adapting it to his own style. This aspect drives his own personal development.

At the same time, Raymond is pushing teammates to be the best versions of themselves, while making sure the team focuses on the ultimate goal of lifting Lord Stanley.

No matter what’s happening on the ice, I know just like Mulan was determined to save China from the Huns, Raymond is determined to pull the team as far as he can. 

We’re starting to see a confident, hungry, and talented Raymond learn who he is and how he can control the game. It’s a sight to behold.