Patrick Kane getting hot means 2 things for the Detroit Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings forward Patrick Kane getting hot at the right time means a couple of things for this hockey club.
Feb 22, 2024; Detroit, Michigan, USA;  Detroit Red Wings right wing Patrick Kane (88) celebrates
Feb 22, 2024; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Red Wings right wing Patrick Kane (88) celebrates / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Red Wings are in the home stretch. Their win over the St. Louis Blues on the national circuit on Saturday said a lot. The team came out and pummeled the Blues, finding ways to get it done all game long.

When it comes to Patrick Kane, in particular, he's been red-hot. He continues to tap into offense with this team, make himself look like a real deal, and benefit this Detroit Red Wings team. He continues to score, whether it's goals by way of his own stick or making it happen for others around him.

But one thing is certain: Kane is firing on all cylinders right now, and it's been working out quite well for the Red Wings on the flipside. There's plenty to be speculating about with Kane as well. He's come a long way in his return to the ice, and in his pregame interview, he said he feels he can continue on his "comeback" trail.

For Detroit, it will only be good for them to have Kane around, and with how things are going, it will make it hard for Steve Yzerman up in the General Manager's office. Kane's been great for Detroit, and lately, he's been on fire.

Patrick Kane's success means two things for the Detroit Red Wings.

A red-hot Patrick Kane means the offense is ready to go.

First of all, the Detroit Red Wings will keep on rolling, and with Kane in the driver's seat for his game, clicking with his linemates, it's dangerous. Through 26 games played for the Red Wings organization, he scores 11 goals with 15 assists for 26 total points, performing to his point-per-game pace.

He has a seven-game point streak, and in those seven games, he has managed four goals and six assists for ten points. He's performing well, and it's spreading. Offense can be contagious, and the Red Wings are seemingly able to fire at all cylinders, which will only help Detroit down the stretch. A playoff run might just be in the cards.

Patrick Kane deserves an extension from Steve Yzerman.

Enough beating around the bush. The Red Wings need to pay Patrick Kane to come back. He's on his pro-rated deal worth just $2.75 million to play for the Red Wings, and if there's one thing that the team can count on, it's that they are getting their money's worth with that deal.

Kane has come back and defied the odds, proving he is healthy. But, at this point, there's no longer a question of health but a question of if Kane can come back and play for Detroit next season. He needs to be given a contract extension, and Yzerman needs to pony up some cash to keep him around.

With how well he has been playing lately and how well it's affecting the players around him, it seems silly not to extend a contract extension to Kane.