Detroit Red Wings forward Patrick Kane has defied the odds

The Detroit Red Wings should be absolutely thrilled with how well Patrick Kane has performed in 2023-24 since signing with them.

Detroit Red Wings right wing Patrick Kane (88) skates in on Kings goaltender Cam Talbot.
Detroit Red Wings right wing Patrick Kane (88) skates in on Kings goaltender Cam Talbot. / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Red Wings should be thrilled with how Patrick Kane has looked. Recently, I mentioned that the team should be looking into keeping him around. It may be early for extension talk, but Kane has really been marvelous in a Red Wings uniform. He's making it seem like the impossible has been done.

When it comes to the Detroit Red Wings roster, it's been a nice breath of fresh air to mix in Kane with this forward core. He has performed exceptionally well in his time with the organization. Lately, he's firing on all cylinders, and he looks like the Kane that many hockey fans have come to know over the last 15 years with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Kane's contract with Detroit had some criticism from some folks, mostly because of the surgery that Kane underwent. The hip-resurfacing procedure has been labeled a death sentence for some, ending the careers of players like Nicklas Backstrom, who had the same surgery but never really recovered.

However, Kane was able to prove some people wrong. He came out and worked through his rehab before finally signing with the Red Wings. He has since jumped back in. Sure, his pace may seem a little slow at times, but the poise, playmaking, and overall dominance still shine through when you watch Kane with the puck on his stick.

Detroit Red Wings forward Patrick Kane is defying the odds.

While there's still a lot of time left in the 2023-24 season, Kane has made the most of his opportunities with Detroit, and it's been great to see. His highlight-reel goal on Saturday night against the Oilers got me thinking. He's always been nearly magic with his hands, but it sure is cool to see him having this kind of success with the Red Wings.

Kane's scoring, with seven goals under his belt, but he also has nine assists for 16 total points over 18 games played. Not to mention, Kane has looked great for the Red Wings on the power play. He's been exceptional at controlling the puck and making things happen. With the patience and poise that's easily seen with Kane, he's been able to produce for Detroit.

It's a heck of an accomplishment for the 35-year-old to be able to score at this rate once again. Coming back from the hip resurfacing surgery successfully is an accomplishment in itself. The Red Wings continue to trust him with big-time minutes and powerplay opportunities.

To this point, it has worked well. He's scoring and manufacturing goals for Detroit. A team that needs all the help it can get as they push for a playoff spot only benefits from having Kane around. I've mentioned it once, but the Red Wings should really try to work out an extension with Kane, keeping him around for at least another year.