Detroit Red Wings midseason report cards: Patrick Kane

The Detroit Red Wings should be thrilled with how well Patrick Kane has performed to this point in his tenure.
Detroit Red Wings right wing Patrick Kane (88) shoots on goal against the Anaheim Ducks.
Detroit Red Wings right wing Patrick Kane (88) shoots on goal against the Anaheim Ducks. / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Red Wings were in the news earlier this year when they went out and signed forward Patrick Kane. He was on the free-agent market coming into the season and started to work out for teams. His decision felt like a LeBron James "The Decision" for Red Wings fans as the number of suitors narrowed.

The Detroit Red Wings were in the mix from the get-go, primarily due to their red-hot start and the connection to Alex DeBrincat. The team agreed to a one-year deal with Kane, signing him for the remainder of the 2023-24 season on a $2.75 million contract, which is pro-rated. Frankly, they should look to keep him around.

For the Red Wings, they took a gamble, hoping that Kane could prove he was healthy and able to get back on the ice. On top of that, Kane is a perennial scorer from this generation, so having that kind of offense, even from a 35-year-old, would be beneficial. Kane has been able to come back and prove himself.

Frankly, he has defied the odds. Kane has been great for Detroit, proving he has recovered and can impact Detroit positively since signing & hitting the ice. This includes finding ways on the scoresheet and being able to help the team in 5-on-5 situations and on the power play.

Detroit Red Wings forward Patrick Kane has been exceptional.

Kane has been great for this offense, even after missing some time. He has played in 19 games for the Red Wings after getting back on the ice and going through some rehab to get going. He jumped in with the Red Wings quickly, finding a way to impact them and earn ice time.

He proved himself with the Red Wings early on. Kane has scored seven goals and added nine assists for 16 total points over 19 games. He's also looked the part, which is worth mentioning. He averages just a shade under 18 minutes of ice time for the Red Wings.

It's been quite nice to see Kane have the success that he has had. His offense has been there. The playmaking and poise are there. He's so calm with the puck and is a great stick handler, being able to make things happen in the offensive zone, which is partially the reason for his offense kicking in.

Even with Kane missing some time, the Red Wings have benefitted from him being in the lineup. He deserves some credit for how he has performed. His contract has been worth it to this point, even with just 19 games under his belt in a Red Wings uniform.

Grade. A. Forward. Detroit Red Wings. Patrick Kane

Kane gets an "A" because he has been able to come to Detroit and defy the odds. He's been able to get back on the ice and show that he is healthy while also being able to score. It's worth noting how hard it has been historically to return from this hip-resurfacing surgery and that Kane has been able to do it successfully.

For the Red Wings, a contract worth less than $2.75 million has brought a veteran in like Kane. With Kane being here, the power play has gotten some benefits, the offense has gotten benefits, and DeBrincat got a little jolt by having his buddy brought in. Kane should be able to get back on the ice, and it will give the team a nice boost in the remaining 32-game sprint.