Moritz Seider has continued to establish himself for the Detroit Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings defender Moritz Seider continuing to establish himself.

Detroit Red Wings defenseman Moritz Seider (53) controls the puck around the blueline.
Detroit Red Wings defenseman Moritz Seider (53) controls the puck around the blueline. / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Red Wings will have to back up the BRINKS truck for Moritz Seider on his next contract. Nothing has been set in stone, and the figures have not seen the light of day yet, but the expectation is that Seider will get himself a big payday on his future contract extension. He's continued establishing himself this season, and through the ups and downs of 2023-24, he's finding his way.

In 2022-23, the Detroit Red Wings relied on Seider and Jake Walman as a great tandem up front, but this year, they have lost their glow at times. The Red Wings have plugged in Seider with several defense partners in 2023-24, with Walman missing some time due to injury.

However, I'm not here to look too much into who Seiders defense partners have been. But Seider has been excellent, contrary to how some folks seem to feel. One wrong move and one wrong step leaves the Twitter army chomping at the bit to get after Seider for his level of play.

Seider is the team's top defender, and he's starting to come into his own as an NHL defender. It may be year three for Seider, but he's still making strides as the team's youngster who anchors the blueline. For Detroit, knowing they'll be able to call on Seider for years to come.

Detroit Red Wings defender Moritz Seider is the anchor they needed.

Halfway through year three, Seider has played in 43 games with five goals and 18 assists for 23 total points. He's a plus-two on the season as well, speaking to the Red Wings' uptick in offense. He's right on pace to be around that 45-point mark once again at the end of the season.

If he can tap into a bit more offense and tally a few goals, the Red Wings might see him even tally a bit more. He's been durable and solid on the blueline for Detroit, getting it done as the Red Wings need him to. He's become an anchor and found ways to be effective for the Red Wings.

Contract figures are likely to become a hot topic as the season closes when it comes to Seider. But seeing him succeed while being a well-rounded player has been fantastic for Red Wings fans. He brings an excellent sense of physicality to the blue line, laying some hits and using the body as necessary.

He's exactly what the Red Wings needed. When he was drafted, not everyone was bought in on what Steve Yzerman did, but he has blossomed into quite the defender for the Red Wings and has been carving out quite a career.