Detroit Red Wings forward Alex DeBrincat robbed of NHL All-Star Game MVP

Detroit Red Wings forward Alex DeBrincat put on a show during the 2024 NHL All-Star Game, but was robbed of MVP honors.

Team Matthews right wing Alex DeBrincat (93) of the Detroit Red Wings skates with the puck on a rush.
Team Matthews right wing Alex DeBrincat (93) of the Detroit Red Wings skates with the puck on a rush. / John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Red Wings may have only had one player in the 2024 NHL All-Star Game this year, but he made his presence known. Alex DeBrincat was enjoying himself this weekend, and that carried into the game on Saturday as a part of Team Matthews.

Alex DeBrincat should have been the MVP of the day, but the Detroit Red Wings forward was robbed of that honor. He put on a show, but with Team Matthews & the Maple Leafs winning the whole thing in Toronto, it's only expected that the Toronto captain wins MVP.

After all, this is splitting hairs over the whole thing. DeBrincat's win earned him some money, but the MVP award would have netted him a nice cherry on top. But, the All-Star Game is a spectacle, and Toronto's team winning in front of their home fans was the perfect finish, and captain Auston Matthews taking home the award fits even more.

I'm not trying to sit here and point fingers about the game, after all, it is cool to see some of the best NHL players face-off in the 3-on-3 format. Sure, the defense is sometimes thrown out the door, but the playmakers get to make things happen, and it's quite fun to watch. It just would have been even better to see DeBrincat win the MVP award.

Detroit Red Wings forward Alex DeBrincat was robbed.

DeBrincat's two goals in the semi-finals even helped him join some Red Wings All-Star history under the new 3-on-3 format. Per the NHL's post, DeBrincat's two goals in the semi-finals put him in the history books alongside Dylan Larkin and Mike Green for being the third Red Wings player to score two goals in the new format.

It was fun to watch DeBrincat step up and play as well as he did. After all, he was putting in effort and looking to make things happen defensively rather than playing completely passive, as some players did. He got a stick in on Connor McDavid, who was trying to get on a run for a zone-entry.

DeBrincat got his stick on it, poked the puck away, and was able to carry it in the zone and fire the puck to the empty net for a goal. He was backchecking and putting in some effort defensively. There's something to be said about it, and even though he was not crowned an MVP, he played well.

He finished the day with three goals, three assists, and a big-time shootout goal to send Team Matthews to the next round. He had a great game but also enjoyed some family time with his son Archie, stealing the spotlight at times. DeBrincat got his family involved and made some memories, whether it was the red carpet or media availability.

With the All-Star festivities in the rearview, he'll return to Detroit looking to rest before the second half of the season begins.