Can Alex Nedeljkovic Be the Red Wings Franchise Goalie?

Alex Nedeljkovic of the Detroit Red Wings. Mandatory Credit: Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports
Alex Nedeljkovic of the Detroit Red Wings. Mandatory Credit: Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Detroit Red Wings have had so many ups and downs, and twists and turns this season that it’s been hard to really determine if this season was a success or not. I mean, obviously it wasn’t a success because they didn’t make the playoffs, but on the other hand, they showed so many signs of becoming the team we all love and remember.

With star players growing in the juniors, college, and in the AHL, the Red Wings are in a terrific spot to grow off of. But, there is one question that need’s to be asked before the off-season: What is Alex Nedeljkovic’s role in this league? What is his role with the organization?

Alex Nedeljkovic was originally drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes back in 2014 in the second-round. In which there were hopes of him becoming a franchise goalie as they would soon look to compete for the Stanley cup. However, he never quite found his footing there.

Up until last season, Nedeljkovic spent most of his time in the AHL with the Charlotte Checkers. He did see some opportunites with the Hurricanes, but it just never really worked out. He wasn’t the player they expected him to be and therefore, they felt that he wasn’t their guy. Which, led to the Red Wings acquiring him. However, they did so at his highest point.

Similar to what Jeremy Swayman did this year, Nedeljkovic really showed up last season and was a finalist for the Calder trophy. Now, he didn’t win because no one was going to beat Kirill Kaprizov, but he really did well last season.

Appearing in 23 games for the Hurricanes last season, he posted a record of 15-5-3, posted a 1.90 goals allowed against average, and to top it all of, he finished last season with a .932 save percentage.

After the Hurricanes announced that they were going to shop him, the Red Wings jumped on the opportunity and traded away goalie, Jonathan Bernier and a third-round pick. But, now it’s time to take a look at his stats this season and see if he was worth it?