Top-4 free agency day 1 signings for Detroit Red Wings

The first day of free agency has come and gone, and while they didn't make many moves, there were 4 that grabbed the eye of fans.
Los Angeles Kings v Edmonton Oilers - Game One
Los Angeles Kings v Edmonton Oilers - Game One / Codie McLachlan/GettyImages

It's that time of the year again! Free agency has started and the Detroit Red Wings did some things. They signed some guys, re-signed some others, and didn't make the "big splash" a lot of fans anticipated.

At the time, a lot of fans were a combination of confused and upset that general manager Steve Yzerman didn't make any moves at the beginning. As time went on and he still hadn't made any moves, more fans got anxious and more upset.

This team was so close to making the playoffs last season. In fact, they only missed due to a tie breaker. To be fair, however, if they hadn't fallen apart in either December or March, they would have been a definitive playoff team. The collapse was caused by a falter in goaltending, decrease in team defense, and the loss of some key players at bad times. Many fans had hoped that Yzerman would address some of these concerns via free agency.

Erik Gustafsson is a 2-way defender and potential replacement for Shayne Gostisbehere.

Erik Gustafsson signed a 2-year contract worth $4 million. He was likely signed to fill the hole that Gostisbehere left. The difference is that Gustafsson is also a guy you can throw out on the penalty kill if need be.

He's also pretty offensively talented, racking up a pretty solid stat line of 6 goals, 25 assists for 31 points with the New York Rangers last season. While he likely wont hit the totals Gostisbehere did in his one season as a Red Wings player, he will be a fine offensive addition to the blue line.

Cam Talbot is a sturdy veteran goaltender that can add stability in net.

While Steve Yzerman stated that he doesn't expect to carry 3 goaltenders. however it was apparent that with a Husso and Lyon tandem would be questionable at best, and with James Reimer likely not returning, the team needed some stability in net. Cam Talbot fits that mold almost perfectly and with a 2-year contract worth $5 million, he's definitely an upgrade on James Reimer.

Talbot Last season played for the Los Angeles (LA) Kings, starting 52 games and amassing a .913SV%. While that was on a good LA Kings team, throughout his career he managed to maintain a .912SV% along with a .915SV% in his playoff career. Him being 36 years of age might put off some fans, and 38 by the time his contract runs out might be more alarming, he's likely going to be the day one starting goaltender next season.

Can Jack Campbell bounce back at the Red Wings 4th goaltender?

The signing of Jack Campbell was a major head scratcher, seeing as he was just bought-out by the Edmonton Oilers after a season that seen him get put on waivers after a terrible start to his season. But, on a 1-year deal at the league minimum contract, he'll likely end up on the Grand Rapids Griffins to be paired with Cossa and hopefully regain his confidence. It would be a chance for Campbell to become a solid veteran mentor for the future Red Wings goalie.

If he can regain his confidence, Campbell will be a solid addition to the goaltending depth that Detroit has lacked for some time now.

William Lagesson adds more competition for prospects to an already jammed blue line.

Yes, Steve Yzerman signed another bottom barrel 6/7 defenseman who will likely spend most of his time either in the press box with the Grand Rapids Griffins. Why this signing was made is a mystery to most of us, but if nothing else, it adds more competition for prospects who are looking to make the Red Wings out of camp.

William Lagesson played 40 games last season, with his time split the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Anaheim Ducks, netting 4 assists for 4 points. He's more or less just another guy who may or may not be on the Red Wings on opening night.

Out of the 4 of these players, only 50% of them will likely be on the Red Wings Roster on opening night. The question is whether or not these players will make the team better, as well as what Steve plans on doing with 4 goalies. Does he run with 3 again this year or is there another move he has yet to make?

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