Round 1 playoff awards for the Grand Rapids Griffins

With the sun setting on round 1 of the playoffs, here are a few awards for certain Grand Rapids Griffins players and why.
Arizona Coyotes v Detroit Red Wings
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Underrated Player of the Series: Antti Tuomisto

In a lot of ways, Antti Tuomisto is similar to his fellow Finn in Olli Määttä in certain ways. For example, they both play reliable, two-way games. They typically play on the right side of the puck. Unless one pays close attention, the two likely go unnoticed. However, their play is invaluable to the team.

Tuomisto has grown in confidence and discipline. He kills plays routinely andbreaks the puck out of his own zone with regularity. Fundamentally, Tuomisto takes care of the little details very well.

With is ever-increasing confidence, Tuomisto is shooting the puck in new ways. Of course, we all love the wicked cannon he possesses from the blue line, but he's been working on different angles, getting his shot through traffic, and from different areas of the ice. It's neat to see his shot developing in these ways.

While not flashy, Tuomisto is an invaluable part of the Grand Rapids Griffins team and the future of the Detroit Red Wings organzition.