3 Best Detroit Red Wings prospects in the AHL playoffs (so far)

Over the last 2 games, these are the 3 best Detroit Red Wings players in the AHL playoffs for the Grand Rapids Griffins and why.
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"“Listen to these words, ‘Ooh child, things will get easier. Ooh child, things will get brighter,’ now bring it down hard.” "

Chris Pratt as Star-Lord in the MCU

Just as the Grand Rapids Griffins organization left a sour taste in fans’ mouths without providing enough rally towels, their game on the ice fell short as well Wednesday night. 

Though the Van Andel Arena wasn’t packed, it was loud enough. “Let’s go Griffins” and the famous, “You suck” chants at the opposing goaltender echoed throughout the game. Even a resounding, “Refs you suck” couldn’t pump up the players.

It was a stinker of a game. Quite the opposite of the game 1 of the series, which saw a questionable first half give way to a stellar second half of the game.

Maybe Sebastian Cossa being knocked over as he surrendered a goal shook his confidence, or the previous loss at Van Andel, a rare occurrence this season, let doubt creep into his mind. Maybe Albert Johansson and Simon Edvinsson are still searching for the magic that made their bromance come alive midseason. Could the Grand Rapids Griffins have underestimated their opponents? Very likely.

Possibly Jonatan Berggren is still adjusting to the extra attention he’s garnering from the opposition with little to no help from his teammates. Any dash of hope or confidence shattered in an instance with a cross-check, hip check, or hold as his enemies pleased. 

In the past 2 games for the Grand Rapids Griffins, these are the 3 Detroit Red Wings prospects that have excelled (plus a bonus). Here’s who and why, plus a bonus.

Who have been your standouts from the first 2 games?