Round 1 playoff awards for the Grand Rapids Griffins

With the sun setting on round 1 of the playoffs, here are a few awards for certain Grand Rapids Griffins players and why.
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Hold My Ginger Ale: Josiah Didier

As we touched on, Didier wasn’t called upon until game 3 of the series. I watched his first few shifts of game 3 with reluctance. To be a captain and sit for the first 2 games of a playoff series is challenging for the strongest of minds and spirits. 

Seemingly, Didier knew it was a matter of time to be called upon, to show his abilities in the playoffs. Now, I see why he was named captain and won a Calder Cup already.

Didier played like a man on a mission. He rocked guys, blocked shots, and broke up plays in both games all while not taking a penalty.

For a guy who had every reason to phone it in, he stood tall. I’m not sure that the Grand Rapids Griffins would have recovered at all this series, but i know that they wouldn’t have recovered from the game 2 loss so quickly without their captain.

He dragged his teammates, young and veterans alike, into the fight. Players from game 2 who skated away without staning up for themselves suddenly remembered they didn’t have to take the opponent’s silliness. Didier inspired his team, which is exactly what good leaders do.

Brownie points were earned and I’m incredibly thankful to have Didier on the team.