3 players who were the Red Wings biggest surprises this season

The Detroit Red Wings may or may not be extending their season, but it doesn’t mean they had plenty of pleasant surprises in 2023-24.
Detroit Red Wings v Carolina Hurricanes
Detroit Red Wings v Carolina Hurricanes / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages
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Patrick Kane returning from hip resurfacing was significant 

Patrick Kane wasn’t just one of the most surprising players on the Detroit Red Wings this season; you can make an honest case that he was one of the biggest surprises in the NHL. His hip resurfacing procedure aside, Kane was also coming off of a year when he recorded just 57 points and 21 goals, putting him well under the point-per-game milestone. 

This season, it’s been 46 points and 20 goals in just 48 games, and it’s fair to wonder if Kane, should he have played for an entire season, hit the 82-point mark, or at least close to it. Judging from the numbers listed above, it’s safe to say that, adjusting those stats to a full season, Kane would have likely scored between 34 and 35 goals and between 78 and 79 points. 

Kane was one of a few players I previously listed who deserves to return, but just because he should stay in town, it doesn’t mean he will. Yet, at 35, it’s not surprising that he will consider all options before deciding to sign another deal in the Motor City. He’s turned many skeptics into believers, so it’s become clear that there will be no shortage of bidders seeking to recruit him in 2024-25.