Lucas Raymond showing up offensively as Detroit Red Wings surge

The Detroit Red Wings are looking to right the ship and Lucas Raymond's added offense only helps accomplish this.

Jan 2, 2024; San Jose, California, USA; Detroit Red Wings left wing Lucas Raymond (23) reacts during a team celebration.
Jan 2, 2024; San Jose, California, USA; Detroit Red Wings left wing Lucas Raymond (23) reacts during a team celebration. / Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Red Wings are fresh off of a three-game sweep of the California teams. The vibes have been rescued amid the locker room as the Red Wings are seemingly back on track. The Red Wings are hoping that when they get back in action against the Oilers, the good times keep rolling.

One of the players the Detroit Red Wings are hoping can stay hot is Lucas Raymond. While Raymond has not been scoring left and right, the assists are pouring in. Detroit has to be excited with Raymond as he is starting to find his way in this 2023-24 season. Detroit needs to keep finding wins, and Raymond tallying points helps keep the offense churning.

Raymond added some weight this summer and was hoping for a big performance this year. It's been up and down, but Raymond has been dialing it in lately. In the Red Wings' last five games, Raymond has six total points by way of a goal and five assists. But as was hinted at earlier, even without goals amassing, Raymond's helping get it done, and that's what matters.

Sure, a three-assist night in the Red Wings' win over the San Jose Sharks helps, but Raymond has been able to get it done lately, finding his name on the scoresheet quite often. In a time where the Red Wings need all the wins they can get, points are good, and points help Detroit muster up wins.

Detroit Red Wings forward Lucas Raymond has come alive lately.

Regarding the Red Wings' upcoming schedule, things will get tougher, and Detroit needs to find a way to stay on track and try to add some season points back after struggling in December. Getting good performances out of players like Raymond will only help them foster good performances.

Raymond has played in 40 games on the year, with 11 goals and 21 assists for 32 total points. It's an excellent spot to be in for Detroit's youngster as he tries to find his way a bit in year three with the Red Wings. A sophomore slump was detrimental to his performance in 2022-23, where he slowed down his scoring pace a little.

But with another year of revamped Red Wings offense, Raymond is back in the driver's seat, looking for a big year. A bit of a "hey, I'm still here" performance, as some folks seemed to write him off a little bit. As the Red Wings look to right the ship on the season, Raymond can make a statement with continued success.

The Swedish forward has a bright future, and finishing 2023-24 strong is huge for Raymond and the Red Wings as a whole. Hopefully, this spark of offense and playmaking from Raymond can keep up, and he can continue to add to his offensive totals on the season.