Detroit Red Wings set to play in outdoor game during 2024-25 season

The Detroit Red Wings are headed outdoors once again, selected for a clash with the Columbus Blue Jackets during the 2024-25 season.
Jan 1, 2014; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Detroit Red Wings left wing Justin Abdelkader (8) celebrates with Kyle Quincey (27).
Jan 1, 2014; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Detroit Red Wings left wing Justin Abdelkader (8) celebrates with Kyle Quincey (27). / Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday night, it was announced that the Detroit Red Wings have been selected to play in another outdoor game, their first game since the 2016-17 season, where they played outdoors against the Toronto Maple Leafs in the Centennial Classic. However, they are making their return to outdoor games next year, per the reports.

The Detroit Red Wings are slated to travel to Ohio to take on the Columbus Blue Jackets in a clash on The Ohio State University's football field. Columbus has been announced as the host of an outdoor game at "The Horseshoe," which the Buckeyes faithful call their football stadium.

It's the Red Wings' first outdoor game in several years, and it will be the first time the Blue Jackets have been chosen to play in or host an outdoor NHL game. The league surveyed the site and did some canvassing to see if it could be pulled off, and it was announced yesterday that the outdoor game will be held at OSU's football stadium.

For Michigan fans, it could be another victory for Michiganders against the Buckeyes down South. With several former Wolverine players on the team and Red Wings staff, it could be just as fun of a rivalry amongst the fans.

Detroit Red Wings set to play outdoors in 2024-25.

Columbus has confirmed the news of this outdoor game, but the Red Wings have yet to confirm this announcement. But, they will be the opponent traveling to Ohio to partake in this outdoor game next season. The likelihood is high, and from The Detroit News's report, the team is also excited.

Another unique tidbit mentioned in Kulfan's article (linked above) was that when the Wolverines played host to the Red Wings and Maple Leafs for the 2014 Winter Classic, an attendance record was set, with 113,411 fans showing up on New Year's Day for that game.

If the Red Wings play in this outdoor game at Ohio Stadium, the stadium can hold about 110,000 fans for a football game, which means there could be a chance that the record from the game at the "Big House" could be shattered. It's another unique touch and reason that Red Wings fans should be excited about this game.

While the Red Wings have confirmed nothing, this could be a chance for the team to play in another outdoor game, and for uniform fanatics out there, it could bring a special alternate jersey about as well.