Detroit Red Wings midseason report cards: Dylan Larkin

Kicking off our series of Detroit Red Wings midseason report cards on Octopus Thrower is none other than the captain, Dylan Larkin.
Detroit Red Wings center Dylan Larkin (71) celebrates after scoring a goal against the Philadelphia Flyers.
Detroit Red Wings center Dylan Larkin (71) celebrates after scoring a goal against the Philadelphia Flyers. / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The first player in our Octopus Thrower midseason report cards is captain Dylan Larkin. It seems fitting to start at the top, with the team's leader and heartbeat. Larkin has been the heart and soul of the Detroit Red Wings for quite some time now.

As he continues to hold strong as the Detroit Red Wings leader, he hopes to take his team back to the promised land, the postseason. But that's the future of the Red Wings, and right now, we're here to talk about the past. (Well, the recent past.)

With the All-Star Break upon us, it's a good time to look at where the Red Wings players are, and for Dylan Larkin, that includes a 12-game point streak with 44 games played in the front half of the season. He missed some time after a devastating hit against the Ottawa Senators in December that further ignited the rivalry.

As of late, Larkin's been on fire, coming back to the Red Wings and playing exceptionally well, finishing off the Red Wings red-hot month of January with 12 consecutive games scoring at least a point. He has a point in all but one of his last 15 games.

During this stretch, he's mustered 11 goals and seven assists for 18 points. It's also been a red-hot month for Larkin, scoring in every game this month except the contest against the San Jose Sharks on January 2nd.

Detroit Red Wings midseason report card is glowing for Dylan Larkin.

Overall, Larkin has managed 44 games with 23 goals and 24 assists for 47 total points on the season. He leads the team in points and in goals, being the only player above the 20-goal threshold, though others are chasing down Larkin.

Beyond the goals and assists, Larkin is averaging around 20 minutes of ice time a night for Detroit, getting out there and getting involved. Plus, with a much better power play this year, he's able to make the most of his scoring chances on the power play and in most 5-on-5 scenarios.

The upgraded team around Larkin certainly helps him, which helps fuel him to play better, as evidenced by his production. Larkin's getting it done at a high level and has looked good in all facets of his game. It's easy to sit back and be happy with his performance. An improved supporting cast has only made life easier for Larkin.

A+. Center. Detroit Red Wings. Dylan Larkin. Dylan Larkin Midseason Report Card

I gave Dylan Larkin an A+ for his performance. After all, he leads the team in points and goals specifically. A 12-game point streak at the end of the road before the All-Star Break is hard to argue with. He's the heartbeat of this team and can rally the troops when needed.

He only missed six games after the brutal hit from Mathieu Joseph, and there's something to be said about his abilities and the growth he's shown as the team leader. In 2023-24, Larkin has shown that he is "the" captain, a quality leader, and a massive piece of what the Red Wings are trying to do.

Detroit needs Larkin to stay healthy, which is my only knock on Larkin. His durability has taken some hits over the years, mostly due to cheap shots by others, but it worries me that Larkin could be one more cheap shot away from a lengthy IR-stint. He's taken some lumps in his day, and it's got to be worrisome moving forward and down the line specifically; Detroit needs their leader.

It's ultimately out of Larkin's control, but I'm hoping he can play smart, stay healthy, and continue leading this Red Wings team back to the postseason. He gets an A+ for his first-half efforts; he just needs to finish the job.