Can Dan Campbell ignite a Detroit Red Wings playoff run?

The Detroit Red Wings are heading toward a postseason push and head coach Derek Lalonde is hoping that head coach Dan Campbell can speak to his team.

Lions coach Dan Campbell at the NFC championship game vs. the San Francisco 49ers at Levi's Stadium
Lions coach Dan Campbell at the NFC championship game vs. the San Francisco 49ers at Levi's Stadium / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Detroit Red Wings are sitting pretty in the playoff race. Well, maybe not pretty, but the Red Wings are aiming to turn some heads and claw their way back into the playoffs. They are in a good spot but still fighting their way to the finish line, tooth and nail, in each game of the remaining schedule.

However, the Detroit Red Wings might be looking to draw upon some motivation from another Detroit sports team. Just a few months ago, the Red Wings players were just as invested in the Detroit Lions' playoff run as they were in their own season. It felt like the Red Wings players were doing their part in cheering on their brothers in Honolulu Blue down the road.

Now, the Red Wings are hoping that the leader over at Ford Field can come into the Red Wings locker room and ignite a playoff run. Detroit Red Wings head coach Derek Lalonde mentioned that he would love to get Dan Campbell into the team's locker room.

After all, who wouldn't love to see another Dan Campbell speech? The Lions made one heck of a run this year, and it's certainly not overlooked that Campbell was able to get the most out of his team, game in and game out. Lalonde is hoping that Campbell could bring some of that infectious energy and grit into the Red Wings locker room.

Detroit Red Wings are hopeful for Dan Campbell to ignite the locker room.

Let's be honest: The Red Wings' locker room has been in a good place this season. Frankly, the Red Wings have been able to see their team's morale stay pretty even-keeled and positive all season long. It's something that has not always been the case for them in years past throughout this rebuild.

But with the team in a good spot in the standings, a good spot in the locker room, and a good spot looking ahead, it will only help add in a little pick-me-up. Campbell is busy right now as the Detroit Lions play host to the NFL Draft in downtown Detroit, but as Lalonde hinted at, he has the "bat signal" out for MCDC.

This whole city has rallied around the Lions and their success. Some of these Red Wings players are Michiganders, and some just bought into what was happening on the gridiron a few blocks away. The point is that an MCDC rant could be the fire this team lit for them.

It could be the piece of the puzzle that moves them across the finish line to get back into the playoffs. The entire city erupted for the Lions this year, and who's to say the entire city cannot erupt for the Red Wings?