Detroit Red Wings hoping Lions game is only the start of a fun Sunday downtown

A dual-sport victory over Tampa Bay teams would make for a great day for Detroit Red Wings & Detroit Lions fans.
Former Detroit Lion, Herman Moore, left, stands with former Piston Earl Cureton, Tiger great Al Kaline, and Red Wing great Chris Osgood.
Former Detroit Lion, Herman Moore, left, stands with former Piston Earl Cureton, Tiger great Al Kaline, and Red Wing great Chris Osgood. / Mandi Wright, Detroit Free Press

There's something to be said about a city that rallies around its team. While the Detroit Red Wings are envying the Detroit Lions and their playoff run, it's impressive to watch the Lions fanbase and this city begin to rally around their squad on the gridiron. Before today's game kicks off, why sneak in another Lions-themed article on our Red Wings site here at Octopus Thrower?

But it's not all Lions. There's a point to be made here about things seemingly changing around the city, getting the Red Wings into a new era of competition. The Red Wings must be looking forward to the fanbase rallying around them at one point. It's something that the team has to be hoping will happen whenever they finally enter the postseason again.

After all, the rebuild has been treacherous, but the Red Wings are on the verge of returning to the playoffs, ending their drought, which currently stands at eight seasons (including this year). Indeed, it's not as long of a drought as the Lions', and there has not been this culture of losing, staining the team's reputation, but the rebuild has not been fun.

But this glimpse of a Red Wings postseason appearance has to excite fans. Around this time last year, Detroit was flirting with the playoffs, and the conversation was if the Red Wings were going to be buyers at the trade deadline, gearing up to make a run at the playoffs.

Heck, around this time last year, I wrote an article suggesting the consideration of adding in Patrick Kane. I got absolutely smoked by negativity on social media for even proposing that. Yet, here we are with Kane being a part of the Red Wings offense, hoping to help them end the streak and get back to the playoffs.

Detroit Red Wings hope the city comes alive for them as it has for the Lions.

After all, the Lions have captivated their fans, the city, and even most of the football world. The Red Wings may not get this insane buy-in across the hockey world, but a Red Wings playoff berth would undoubtedly bring smiles to the faces of many Red Wings fans. The support showed this time last year; it was an excellent time to be a Red Wings fan, and it was pretty fun to watch the team, even if the playoff hopes came to a halt.

But, in 2023-24, there's a bigger chance that the Red Wings will be able to get back to the playoffs. I can only imagine what this fanbase will do. Little Caesars Arena will be rocking like The Joe. Fans will be donning their Red Wings gear all over, more than usual.

It's a wonderful time to be a Detroit sports fan. So, as many of you Lions/Red Wings fans get ready for kick-off today between the Lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, pay attention to how crazy the crowd is, how bought in they are, and how amazing it is. The Red Wings have to be hoping for similar buy-in from this city later this year if they can stay in the playoff picture.

There's something to be said about the Red Wings performances as of late. They've put themselves back in the postseason picture. A dual-sport victory over Tampa Bay-based teams would make for a great Victory Monday. Detroit sports fans would be buzzing next week.