Initial Reactions to Patrick Kane’s Signing with the Detroit Red Wings

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When it comes to Patrick Kane’s return to the ice post hip resurfacing surgery, skepticism looms large, considering the surgery’s track record in the NHL. Personally, I’m hesitant to anticipate a significant impact. At most, I’m hopeful that rising talents like Lucas Raymond, Joe Veleno, and Jonatan Berggren can glean some playmaking and passing insights from Kane.

There’s the possibility that Kane might be the exception, shining brightly on the ice. Who knows? His decision to sign a one-year deal with the Detroit Red Wings, a team he reportedly had disdain for in the past, holds significant weight for the organization, even if he’s not the player he once was.

Historically, the Wings boasted an allure for high-profile players, yet in the cap era, it lost its luster as a top destination. Perhaps Kane’s signing signifies a pivotal shift, potentially attracting more talent to the organization—perhaps even players like Elias Pettersson.

However, it’s essential to address the downsides. Steve Yzerman meticulously curated a roster with high-character players who excel in the locker room. Kane’s arrival might not fortify this environment; at worst, it could disrupt the positivity Yzerman has fostered.

Kane’s presence could alter the dynamics for players like Daniel Sprong, Klim Kostin, and Berggren, who’ve fought hard for ice time all season. Joining mid-season and likely occupying a more prominent role, Kane’s immediate power play time might send the wrong message to those who’ve performed admirably.

While Kane was once an NHL superstar, his prime might be a thing of the past. Sprong, Kostin, and Berggren, though not on Kane’s elite level, are players I see as potential long-term assets. Furthermore, Kane’s off-ice conduct, particularly his handling of the Kyle Beach situation, leaves me deeply disappointed in this signing. My expectations regarding players’ handling of such matters aren’t high. All I can say is I’m weary of anyone from the 2010 Blackhawks.

For context, players like Alex DeBrincat have earned my respect due to their responses to situations like the Beach incident. DeBrincat’s decency stands out, showcasing the bare minimum of being a decent human being. It’s disheartening when another player fails to follow suit. The silver lining, thankfully, lies in the reported one-year contract, ideally minimizing any long-term impact. Yet, I’m concerned about potential lingering negative vibes in the locker room stemming from this move.