4 impactful moves for the Detroit Red Wings to make to stay on track

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The Detroit Red Wings are off to a great start in 2023-24. They have been a bit up and down after their red-hot start to the season, but even after cooling off a bit, the team is still trying to claw its way to the top of the Atlantic Division. They are hanging in there, but it is time to consider shaking things up a bit and igniting a flame for this Red Wings team.

The trip to Sweden for the 2023-24 NHL Global Series will be great for the Detroit Red Wings, including players like Lucas Raymond, who are pumped to be a part of it. But even with a chance to reset with some extra travel days and a couple of games overseas, the Red Wings have to ensure they keep their foot on the gas.

This trip will allow the Red Wings to break up their season a bit and sort of try to chop it into segments to compartmentalize it the rest of the way, which is good for Detroit in the long run. They are going to fight tooth and nail for a postseason spot, which will require Steve Yzerman to take some risks.

Whether it comes in trades, promotions, or working the waiver wire, the Red Wings will have to make a couple of moves along the way. Whether it’s a big move or a couple of smaller moves to help the Red Wings gear up for a run, it will take some gearing up to make any sort of run.

Even if Yzerman said that this is not a year where Detroit is demanding playoffs in the eyes of Yzerman, he has to try and chase it down if the team keeps playing like this. Here are four-ish moves that the Red Wings could make to help them bulk up and shake things up.

Let’s get to it.

The Detroit Red Wings should consider these moves to help add some pieces.