Detroit Red Wings: Is this the year Steve Yzerman takes it up a notch?

The Detroit Red Wings season is over, and the attention is on the off-season. General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman is surely no stranger to making big off-season moves. He’s known to pull the trigger on trades and free agents, even moving up/down the draft order.

The Detroit Red Wings had a big upgrade in their flurry of off-season moves last summer, and it sounds like it might be a similar summer in 2022-23. For the Red Wings, it might be a case of Yzerman taking things up another notch.

Yzerman has a lot to think about, but this might be the summer he tries to get this team across the finish line and get them back into the playoffs. For the Red Wings, they still need a few pieces to the puzzle.

One of those pieces could come from the draft. Yzerman has a decision to make, but he has to make sure he maximizes his draft capital. Whether that means he chooses to stand pat or pursue a move up the draft board, it will be interesting to see which path Yzerman takes.

Steve Yzerman might take it up a notch for the Detroit Red Wings.

It’s not to say the Red Wings will go out and tie up $50 million in free agents and trade up to grab Connor Bedard or Adam Fantilli. However, there is a chance that the Red Wings will come out on the other side of the off-season with a nice boost in the right direction.

For the Red Wings, this means being able to bring some high-value talent in via both the draft and free agency to make sure that the Red Wings are ready to take that next step. The Red Wings need to make a splash to take that next step.

There’s a good chance that this off-season, Yzerman might go out and make some splashes that help the team get across the finish line. It will be interesting to see how things play out, but if Yzerman wants to try and turn the corner in 2023-24, the Red Wings need to improve.

For Yzerman, this could start with a solid draft, adding some reinforcements for down the line. Hopefully, Yzerman can segue that into a solid free agency period and maybe even add a big-ticket free agent or two to help add the needed depth.

The Red Wings have their work cut out for them, but Detroit taking things up a notch this off-season could push them across the “finish line.”