Detroit Red Wings have to maximize their draft capital this summer

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The Detroit Red Wings now know where they will pick during the 2023 NHL Draft that will take place later this summer. The 2023 NHL Draft Lottery left the team with the ninth overall pick in this summer’s draft.

While the Detroit Red Wings will not be getting Connor Bedard, there are still plenty of options, like Ryan Leonard or Brayden Yager. Some top-level talent will be available near the top of the draft class, that is for sure.

So while the Red Wings did not land the first or second overall pick, they still have plenty of work to do in this year’s draft. As of now, the Red Wings will make ten draft picks in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft; since trades could shift that number around, it’s not a certainty.

Of those ten draft picks, five are in the first two rounds. Quite the achievement for the Red Wings and quite the opportunity. It could go many different ways, but the Red Wings have to ensure they maximize their draft capital surplus.

Detroit Red Wings need to maximize on their draft capital.

If there’s one thing that Steve Yzerman has done exceptionally well for the Detroit Red Wings, it is drafting and managing his draft picks. Between in-season trades and deadline deals, he constantly replenishes his stockpile of draft picks.

Yzerman places great value on the surplus of draft picks and does a good job maintaining draft picks for future trades or to use. He’s got a full crop of picks to work with in 2023, and he’s done an excellent job to this point at replenishing the team’s prospect pool.

The point is that the Red Wings have options. They can make all five picks in the first two rounds and come away with five top-tier prospects, or they can make some moves up or down the draft board.

Yzerman is no stranger to making deals on draft day; after all, he grabbed Sebastian Cossa last year after moving up in a trade with the Dallas Stars. Could the Red Wings move up from nine? Or maybe move up from the Islanders’ pick?

There are many possibilities, but the point is the Red Wings need to ensure they maximize their draft capital. Whether it’s Yzerman and his scouting staff grabbing “their” guys that they think will benefit this team. If not, they can trade back or make trades to recoup some future draft capital in the coming years.

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The Red Wings have options, and it will be interesting to see how the team decides to maximize their draft picks.