Detroit Red Wings take care of Dylan Larkin; time to focus on deadline

Detroit Red Wings General Manager Steve Yzerman speaks to the crowd. (Detroit Free Press)
Detroit Red Wings General Manager Steve Yzerman speaks to the crowd. (Detroit Free Press) /

The Detroit Red Wings were able to take care of business with forward Dylan Larkin. They went out and extended the team’s captain on an eight-year deal. It’s one that keeps fans happy and likely keeps the teams’ spirits high as they know their captain and one of the locker room leaders is here to stay.

The Detroit Red Wings getting this extension hammered out is excellent, and Steve Yzerman finding a way to meet the Larkin camp in the middle is awesome, but it’s time to shift focus. Not to kick the Larkin extension under the rug, because it’s crucial to the state of the Red Wings moving forward, but the trade deadline is swiftly approaching.

For the Red Wings, this is a time when Yzerman needs to really focus on the deadline and figure out what is the best move for this team. He will likely shift the deadline plans and become a seller, but he needs to get the ball rolling.

Do not get it twisted either; this is not a Yzerman-hate piece. He’s got time and going to do what’s best for the Red Wings; the organization needs to get to work on whatever deals they can come up with ahead of Friday’s 3 P.M. deadline.

Detroit Red Wings need to shift focus to Friday’s trade deadline.

With some of the trades that have gone on ahead of this year’s trade deadline, it’s hard not to want to sell off some assets. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Tampa Bay, and Tanner Jeannot) It’s time for the Red Wings to try and reap some of the benefits of the deadline frenzy.

Going out and selling off some of their assets seems like the best move. Being able to trade a player like Tyler Bertuzzi and recoup some sort of package, including a first-round pick, could work out in this team’s best interest.

While some people might argue that stacking up all this draft capital will not help the team compete next season, but it is still important. Stacking up draft capital is absolutely key, and Yzerman does a great job of this. Giving all the more reason to try and do it ahead of Friday’s trade deadline.

The Red Wings can flip some of this draft capital next season or this off-season to upgrade certain positions via trade. They can hold onto it for future trade deadline deals and packages, or they can hold onto it and use it to select a player they deem helps the organization stay stocked up with talent.

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The trade deadline is approaching, and with Larkin getting his extension, it’s go-time on the trade deadline front. Expect Yzerman to do his thing and make some magic happen for Detroit.