Coach Lalonde’s Process Pushes the Red Wings in a New Direction

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The Red Wings misfortunes appear to be turning around under Derek Lalonde.

The first month of the Detroit Red Wings‘ season has been an absolute success. While the team’s 4-3-2 record may indicate them being middle of the pack, the team has shown great strides to being not only a team of the future, but a team ready to compete now. While it is Steve Yzerman’s job to get the correct pieces into place; it is new head coach Derek Lalonde’s job to make the pieces work.

In a recent Spittin’ Chichlets Podcast, Red Wings new head coach, Derek Lalonde, explained that process and growth is more important than results at this point in his time.

What does that even mean? We are a professional franchise. And to go a little bit deeper on the matter, we have had some of the best players in NHL history and some of NHL’s best dynasties of all time. Losing is unacceptable for an organization as decorated as this one. But the truth of the matter is, the world will always find a balance.

Fans that are saying that the Red Wings need to win now are the same ones who live in the past. And I think we can all agree that we aren’t the same organization that we once were. Now, are we getting there? Yes. Are we there right now? No.

This Red Wings team has not sniffed the postseason in six consecutive campaigns. Winning does not come easy. Winning is not something you can snap your fingers and accomplish. It takes time to get back what we once had.

No organization will ever only have ups, no downs. It’s impossible due to turnover in the league. Players want their money while they can get it, and rightfully so. But due to that matter, it’s hard to keep dynasties in tact for long periods of time. And as players leave, it’s hard to keep winning because you have to replace those great players with cheaper options and hope it works.