Johnny Gaudreau Hits the Market for the Red Wings Taking

Johnny Gaudreau. (Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images)
Johnny Gaudreau. (Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Red Wings aren’t in win now mode, but they aren’t working backwards like some of the teams in the league. That could be the reason they are able to land one of the big names in free agency.

Looking around the league, you notice teams like the St. Louis Blues, Calgary Flames, and the Philadelphia Flyers that are currently trying to clear cap in order to make their team complete or sign some of their players back. That’s at the point that you are grateful to be Red Wings fans.

You see some of these teams making moves to clear cap to sign players. But that’s just working backwards. The Red Wings have been smart about this game and treating it as a marathon; not a sprint. It’s just one of the reasons why you need to be grateful that Steve Yzerman is the general manager.

With free agency starting today, the Red Wings will be heading into it with $31,000,000 in cap space which is more than enough to make something happen in free agency. And lucky for the Red Wings- there is a player out there that could go down as one of the best acquisitions in the history of the franchise- Johnny Gaudreau.

It was reported by Daily Faceoff insider, Frank Seravalli via. twitter that Johnny Gaudreau has made his intentions clear with the Flames. This is what Seravalli reported:

"“Johnny Gaudreau informed the Flames he will not be returning to Calgary. Emotional conversation for both sides, as the Flames rolled out the red carpet to keep him.”"

That being said, Gaudreau will be taking his talents to the free agency market and will look to find a new home. Now, I know that most of you have seen the big offers that the Flames have offered him. Additionally, I’m assuming that you’re curious as to why the Wings should go higher than the previous offer sheets leaked. And that’s where the second part of this tweet comes into play.

"“A massive offer was presented, as we reported, but this wasn’t about money.”"

Gaudreau wouldn’t have been able to sign the contract he wants while still keeping the Flames a competitor. Not with Tkachuk needing a new contract as well. It’s with that being said that Gaudreau felt he should test free agency.

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With the Red Wings having $31,000,000 in cap space, could the Red Wings make a move for the veteran? He’s coming off a 115 point season with hart trophy votes so he’ll be expensive but can we all agree that this signing could move up the Red Wings timeline within the next couple years?