Should the Red Wings Target John Klingberg?

John Klingberg. (Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images)
John Klingberg. (Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Red Wings fan base has repeatedly mentioned former Dallas Stars defenseman, John Klingberg, as a option in free agency. Is that the smart move for the Red Wings though?

The Detroit Red Wings currently have a lot going for them. Defenseman Moritz Seider just won the calder trophy, and Lucas Raymond finished fourth in the voting. On top of that, top goalie prospect, Sebastian Cossa, just won the Juniors with the Edmonton Oil Kings. In that, it’s clear that the Red Wings have a lot going for them. The fun part about that is the fact that they will continue to get better and better each and every year.

Now, with that being said, it is impor

tant to note that although the Red Wings have a lot working for them right now, there are definitely some improvements that need to be made. They are lacking goal scoring, they need a top two left-handed defenseman, and potentially another right-handed defenseman. One of the names that has been thrown around frequently is Dallas Stars defenseman, John Klingberg.

John Klingberg is one of the names that has been mixed in with the Red Wings quite a bit. Now, rather or not it’s through the organization is a question that needs to be asked. However, we are going to treat this as a hypothetical situation and say that the organization is interested in him. So, what are some of the pros and cons of signing Klingberg?

Pros of Signing John Klingberg

Klingberg has been one of the better offensive defenseman on the Dallas Stars roster since coming into the league back in 2014. Having put up 374 points in 552 games, his game speaks levels. Furthermore, Klingberg is a very smart hockey player with a good sense of play recognition in the offensive zone. Which, let’s face it, we need better defenseman in the offensive zone because outside of Seider, no one else seemed to offer much.

If the Red Wings go after Klingberg, they’d more than likely be able to throw him on the third line with Jake Walman, Simon Edvinsson, Albert Johansson or someone else. That much isn’t important. What’s important is the Red Wings ability to fill out their top six defenseman with players who can actually make an impact for them.

Not to take a shot at Marc Staal, Danny DeKeyser, Gustav Lindstrom, or any of the other defenseman they have but, they really need to improve upon those names if they want to make a run for the cup. Furthermore, they need experience and that is exactly what Klingberg would bring to the table.

Cons of Signing John Klingberg

John Klingberg is one of the better defensemen in Dallas, but has been declining as a defenseman the past couple years.

Normally the problem doesn’t revolve around a defenseman because the goalie lets lots of goals in, However, that is not the case here. The Stars had Jake Oettinger in net for most of the season and, as we saw in the playoffs, he is a budding star. Oettinger played phenomenal this season for the Stars so saying that Klingberg’s defense wasn’t the problem is an invalid argument.

Klingberg the past three seasons has combined for a -53 in 185 games. Which, compared to some of the other players in the league may not be considered terrible. But I can assure you, in no way shape or form is a -53 good for a defenseman.

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If the Red Wings were to go after Klingberg, they’d likely be signing him to be a offensive defenseman that would have to be paired with a defensive defenseman. Which, would hopefully balance it out a little bit. But nonetheless, do you feel that Klingberg would be a good signing and a good fit for the Red Wings?