Bruce Cassidy Signed; Who’s Up Next For the Red Wings?

Fomrer Dallas Stars Head Coach, Jim Montgomery. (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
Fomrer Dallas Stars Head Coach, Jim Montgomery. (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /
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The Detroit Red Wings still have a vacancy to fill before the season begins. The Vegas Golden Knights signed who I considered the top candidate. So, who’s up next on their list?

The Detroit Red Wings fired head coach, Jeff Blashill, following a dissapointing season. Blashill, who was just given a bad hand in his coaching tenure, took a lot of verbal abuse the past couple seasons. So the firing wasn’t really all that surprising.

The Red Wings, now that they fired Blashill, will be looking to remain on schedule with their rebuild and that means finding the perfect coach. To begin the off-season, the New York Islanders fired head coach, Barry Trotz who I thought would be a perfect coaching candidate. However, rumor has it that he quickly declined the position to look elsewhere.

That’s when I felt that the Red Wings were given a top notch candidate and the one that I wanted the most- Bruce Cassidy.

Cassidy led the Boton Bruins to the playoffs in each of his six seasons and even made a Stanley Cup appearance back in 2019. However, the uncertanity of the organization and their future made the front office feel as though it was time to part ways leavind Cassidy on the open market. Or at least he was on the open market.

The Vegas Golden Knights decided after missing the playoffs this past season that it was time to get rid of head coach, Pete DeBoer. So that coaching spot was probably incredibly appealing to many coaches looking for a job- inlcuding Cassidy.

Cassidy ended up signing with the Vegas Golden Knights a couple days ago and that took him off the market. So, now the Red Wings need to figure out a gameplan on what they are going to do.

With Cassidy signed, and Trotz not interested, the Red Wings are going to have to dig deeper than they probably would’ve liked. But, it could be worth it. So, who’s next up for the Red Wings?