How Important is Michael Rasmussen for the Red Wings?

Michael Rasmussen of the Detroit Red Wings. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
Michael Rasmussen of the Detroit Red Wings. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Detroit Red Wings season is coming to a close very soon, and there isn’t much to be grateful for. With expectations being rather high going into the year, finishing in the bottom half of the league is not something to be proud of. Furthermore, I’m assuming that most of the players are not happy with the organization and themselves right about now as well.

The Red Wings are known for their youth and potential, but when you throw the word potential in there, it means it’s a working progress. Potential means that there is a point to be reached, but it won’t be reached right away. This season, that statement became clear.

With Moritz Seider, and Lucas Raymond both becoming huge impact players, it doesn’t really put light on the big issue. Which, no- it’s not Jeff Blashill, it’s the fact that their veteran leadership and veteran players, are not worth having.

With the Detroit Red Wings veteran players being: Adam Erne, Danny Dekeyser, and Jordan Oesterle, it’s not exactly like there are veteran players we can look at on the ice and say “I’m so happy we have him.” No. It’s more like- “God, can we please get someone else?”, and that’s the reason why this season hasn’t been quite ‘Up to par’.

That’s not the end of it though, this will continue to be an issue until the organzation is willing to make the tough decision to re-vamp their team. I mean, yes- it’s hard to let a player go that has given you his time and effort- but this is a business and if you’re not willing to part ways with a player who isn’t helping you win games, then you are not equipt to be in this industry.

There are so many talented players on this Red Wings team, and a lot of growing players at that. It’s important to make sure they have the talent surrounding them to succeed.

The Red Wings have been slowly but surely starting to get prospects ready for the NHL, and some of them have shown some signs of stardom. Lucas Raymond and Moritz Seider headline that list. However, there is one name that need’s to be talked about in that conversation- Michael Rasmussen.