Mock Draft: Who Will the Detroit Red Wings take at #6?

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While we looked at just the sixth overall pick, we’ll be diving into the rest of the draft as things get closer. Knowing that the expansion draft could obviously alter things for teams in an unpredictable draft like this one, this is obviously just making choices based on what we know at this current moment.

One final thought: It wouldn’t be entirely shocking to see Wallstedt be Yzerman’s selection at #6. I know there’s considerable debate about taking goalies that high and while Detroit will need goaltending, it’s ultimately a slot for a skilled skater.

At the end of the day, Yzerman has been bold when drafting (as seen in 2019) and to buck what analysts think wouldn’t be at all surprising.

But I think this draft, as we’re seeing across the board, has the chance to be one with the most surprises in recent memory.

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