Top 5: Red Wings you Wouldn’t Want to be Quarantined with

Let’s take a look at the top 5 Detroit Red Wings you wouldn’t want to be quarantined with.

Earlier this week, I wrote about the top five Detroit Red Wings players (past or present) I’d like to be quarantined with.

Today, I want to flip the script and feature the top five Red Wings (past or present) I wouldn’t want to be quarantined with. Let me know who yours are, too. Here’s my choices:

Justin Abdelkader 

The saying goes, it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. If I were quarantined with Abdelkader, I’d certainly pick up his bad habits and I want to avoid that at all cost. Him and I already have the same amount of goals this season – which is zero – and he only has three assists. I’m not letting Abdelkader anywhere near my quarantine house.

Tyler Bertuzzi

I’m trusting forward Dylan Larkin on this one, so this was simple. Late last week, Larkin was part of a virtual chat with Brady Tkachuk, John Tavares and Zdeno Chara of the Bruins, Senators and Maple Leafs respectively, noting that Bertuzzi wouldn’t be someone he’d want to be quarantined with.

“He’s kind of a slob,” Larkin said. “He’d make a mess and I’d be picking up after him.”

That’s all I need to be convinced. Bertuzzi, stay away!

Marian Hossa

Once a Red Wing, then a Chicago Blackhawk. It was tough to see Hossa leave the team after one season. It’s one of those transactions that stung when it happened, and eventually stung again

when he won the Stanley Cup with the Blackhawks a year later during the 2009-2010 season.

Brett Hull

It’s one thing to have an adult beverage or two if you’re of age, but I’m not quite sure I could keep up with Hull every night in quarantine. He resurfaced into headlines this summer when he was noticeably intoxicated at the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup parade, and my guess is this is would be more his normal in quarantine. And for that reason, I’m out.

Jonathan Ericsson

After 12 seasons of wasted potential with Ericsson, I don’t think I could look at him, let alone be quarantined. He’d make me too mad, and that’s all I have to say about that. I get heated just writing a sentence or two about this guy.

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