Detroit Red Wings Roundtable: Will They Make it 25 Seasons?

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Natalie Longroy

I have a strong belief that the Red Wings will make the playoffs again this upcoming year because they are the Detroit Red Wings. Yet that is definitely not the only reason. They pretty much have the odds against them for the sake of this streak going on 25 years. That’s unheard of! As a true fan though, I’m always pulling for the impossible and unthinkable. I mean our playoff streak is older than 12 NHL franchises. Again we’re the Red Wings; we like to entertain the fans with a nail-biting, heart-palpitating, edge-of-my-seat finish to the season, just scraping by to make the playoffs especially the last couple of years.

However I can understand why there might be some doubt. We just lost our coach to the Toronto Maple Leafs that has been with us for 10 solid years. But I am hopeful to turn a new leaf with a lot of changes pertaining to the coaching staff.

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Our farm team, the Grand Rapids Griffins, always puts up good numbers during the season and post season, which reflects Jeff Blashill’s coaching ability. We have a lot of young bucks from the Griffins that are able to keep us alive with our terrible curse of injuries.

Plus our surprising offseason additions such as Brad Richards and Mike Green, I’m excited to see how this season pans out. All in all, I believe the Red Wings will make a good run this season into the playoffs, although we have made some radical changes. We are from Detroit. We don’t back down from a fight. We rise from the ashes. We are hard workers. We don’t stop. This team can be knocked down but we get right back up, showing the opposing team just what we’re made of.