Detroit Red Wings: Top 5 Centers of All Time

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The center position is one of the most speculated, critiqued, and observed in hockey. Not only do you need to put up big numbers on the offensive end, but your defensive play on the back check is also highly observed. The Detroit Red Wings have seen many special players play at the centerfold of their lineup. Today, Octopus Thrower examines the top 5 centers of all time in Detroit Red Wings history.

5. Kris Draper

I don’t care what anybody says, there is not one player in Detroit Red Wings history who played with the tremendous amount of heart Kris Draper did every single night. Draper scored 155 goals and had 203 assists in his career as a Detroit Red Wing, but the thing that puts Draper on this list was his tremendous work ethic night in and night out.

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In terms of pure talent he was never the best player on the ice, but seemed to work the hardest.

If you want to talk stats, the biggest that plays into Kris Draper’s favor is the four Stanley Cup Championships he was able to win in Detroit. Draper’s play was not always captured on the score card as he was a vocal and visible leader for Detroit through his tenure here. It also should be noted that Draper was also able to capture Frank J. Selke trophy (best defensive forward) for the 2003-04 season.

Looking at the total package and what Draper was and is still able to bring to the Detroit Red Wings organization, as the current special assistant to the general manager, he exhibits what Detroit hockey is all about. There should be no thought in putting him on your all time list.

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