3 underrated prospects the Red Wings must consider with the 15th pick in the NHL Draft

The Detroit Red Wings can add a dynamic player to their system in the NHL Draft on June 28th, but Steve Yzerman must also look at some underrated names.
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Dean Letourneau, C/St. Andrew’s College

Dean Letourneau’s size and productivity are arguably the best in the entire 2024 draft class, so why is he projected to go so late in the first round or even in the early second? For one, the level of competition he faced was substantially lower at St. Andrew’s College, where he scored 61 goals and 127 points through 56 games in U18 AAA. 

Still, he’s 6’7, 209 pounds, and there’s a good chance he could even eclipse the 6’8, 225-230-pound mark by the time he’s finished growing. And he’s more coordinated than you may think, or at least that’s what his Elite Prospects profile implies. 

It’s also worth looking at some of his accomplishments, such as winning the J.P. McClocklin Trophy and the fact he was an alternate captain this past season. Yeah, he faced weaker competition, and if he was able to spend more time in the USHL, there’s a good chance he’d be slated to go at least in the top 20 instead of the late-first, early-second round. 

While I’ve noted a few players, even if I could justify the Red Wings taking players like Terik Parascak and Leo Sahlin Wallenius at No. 15, that there were still better options out there ahead of them, it’s hard to say the same about Letourneau. 

Yes, he’s ranked lower than Parascak and Sahlin Wallenius per Tankathon, but he’s still got the rare blend of elite size and skill - the competition he’s faced is what’s ranking him so low. Therefore, it would make me far more comfortable seeing Yzerman take him at No. 15, and while almost everyone would call it a reach, I’d call it a good, under-the-radar move. 


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