Two goaltenders the Detroit Red Wings should look to pair with Alex Lyon

The standings are incredibly tight in the Atlantic Division and Eastern Conference, leaving little room for error. The Detroit Red Wings must consider upgrading their goaltending situation if they hope to qualify for the postseason.
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The Detroit Red Wings should trade for John Gibson.

Earlier this year, John Gibson had been my first choice regarding a potential upgrade in goal, but I've soured (a bit) on the idea over recent weeks. Gibson, 30, is 7-17-0 this season with the rebuilding Ducks and carries a cap number of $6.4 million annually through the 2025-26 season. Gibson has a career save percentage of .912 and a 2.84 goals-against average. However, things in Anaheim haven't been very good this year, and it's trickled down to the goaltending. Gibson has maintained a .900 save percentage and a 3.10 GAA.

Ducks GM Pat Verbeek is a former teammate and assistant general manager to Steve Yzerman during his time in Tampa Bay and also with the Red Wings. Now, Verbeek is a professional and won't do Yzerman any favors, but if there is a deal to be made, sometimes it's in who you know and who you like. Take the St. Louis Blues, for example. Doug Armstrong and Yzerman have a great relationship that stems further than just the NHL. The two have worked together numerous times with Hockey Canada, and that friendly relationship has overflowed at the NHL level, leading to multiple trades between the two clubs.

If the Detroit Red Wings hope to add a player like Gibson, Detroit will need to send Husso the other way, plus a package of draft capital or prospects. A player that comes to mind is Jonatan Berggren. Will that be enough? Husso and Berggren for Gibson? Multiple teams are looking to upgrade the position, which will only increase the asking price. Maybe, but a mid-round draft pick to sweeten the pot might be required to get a deal done.

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I know Red Wings fans, like most fanbases, overvalue their prospects. Many readers won't want Detroit to part with Berggren, but obtaining a true No. 1 netminder without giving up anything. Berggren has struggled to carve out a role at the NHL level, and a change of scenery might not be the worst thing. It's like cashing out at the casino before donating all your money. Berggren still holds value, but where does he fit with Nate Danielson, Marco Kasper, and Carter Mazur, among others, who are expected to have a role in Detroit in the future?

Take Gibson's numbers this season with a grain of salt. He's playing on a terrible team and would be the perfect player to pair with Lyon down the stretch. Husso's cap number sits at $4.75 million through next season.

Adding Gibson does come with some risk. He's been banged up this season and recently exited Thursday's contest against the Carolina Hurricanes with an upper-body injury. Still, it would be a move that would also stabilize the position for the next few seasons. A Lyon/Gibson tandem could propel the Detroit Red Wings into the postseason.