The fire for Grand Rapids Griffins, Nate Danielson’s debut, & updated playlist

Where’s the fire of the Grand Rapids Griffins? Plus, quick hits of games 2 and 3 (including Nate Danielson’s AHL debut), as well as reviewing the updated unofficial Grand Rapids Griffins playlist.
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Top Prospects Media Availability
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Top Prospects Media Availability / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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Sebastian Cossa finding himself

Sebastian Cossa is still developing. He’s far from the raw goaltender the Detroit Red Wings drafted in 2021, yet there’s room for improvement. It makes the future of Cossa that much more exciting, as he’s already an incredible goaler. 

Consistency is a big part of the necessary development of any young player, Cossa is included here. It still is Cossa’s biggest opportunity in terms of growth.

Even though Cossa left me wanting more consistency this season, something that I could count on is his ability to recover for the next games. After any shaky outing, Cossa regained his top form. Setting aside any bruised ego or frustrations, Cossa moved forward focusing on what he could control.

Maybe game 3 wasn’t Cossa’s best performance, but he gave the Grand Rapids Griffins a chance to win. It’s really all that we can ask for in a playoff situation.

As Cossa stopped the pucks he could, the skaters in front of him played better than the previous game. They seemed to come in waves, which is to be expected in a playoff game as well.