The fire for Grand Rapids Griffins, Nate Danielson’s debut, & updated playlist

Where’s the fire of the Grand Rapids Griffins? Plus, quick hits of games 2 and 3 (including Nate Danielson’s AHL debut), as well as reviewing the updated unofficial Grand Rapids Griffins playlist.
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Quick hits from games 2 and 3 of the series.

At any rate, the Grand Rapids Griffins played a bit differently than we are used to seeing. While the level of competition increased, our team is better than the performance in games 2 and 3 of the series. Their opponent, the Milwaukee Admirals, did not beat the Grand Rapids Griffins. Costly mistakes from penalties to missed assignments and dare I say nonchalant play resulted in the losses. Seemingly more concerned about how the game was being called, players didn’t adjust their game to conform to the referees standards. Instead of focusing on things they could control, they seemed to let emotions take hold as they abandoned their job duties.

It’s why I added the song “My Own Worst Enemy” by Lit to the Grand Rapids Griffins Playlist (an unofficial playlist that I pieced together, please note that there is explicit language and adult language in most songs). The song is catchy as the entire song is about doing silly things much like the Grand Rapids Griffins did in game 2 of the series.

After a lengthy break from playing in the Van Andel Arena, we hoped the Grand Rapids would bring the fire. For a Wednesday night matchup with a few empty seats, the crowd hungered for a reason to cheer. 

On the edges of their seats (and lots of time on their feet), using rally towels constantly, and cheering as loud as possible (especially the refs you suck chant), fans drooled for any opportunity to show support to their Grand Rapids Griffins.

Maybe my expectations were a bit high, but I hoped the Grand Rapids Griffins would come out of the gates swinging. Whether metaphorically or literally, I didn’t much care. After this play, I hoped the team would rally together against the villains in their story:

To my disappointment, this hope faded. Players seemed more concerned as the Grand Rapids Griffins played for each other in spurts, but more often than not they seemed to complain to referees or feel sorry for themselves.

In game 4, I hope they leave the disagreements with the referees to the fans. Grand Rapids Griffins fans let the referees know how terrible their calls are, so nothing more is needed from the players.