3 teams who must call the Red Wings for Jonatan Berggren at the trade deadline

The Detroit Red Wings should buy at the trade deadline, but there are also players like Jonatan Berggren, who they can also sell to non-contenders.
Dec 11, 2023; Dallas, Texas, USA; Detroit Red Wings right wing Jonatan Berggren (48) in action
Dec 11, 2023; Dallas, Texas, USA; Detroit Red Wings right wing Jonatan Berggren (48) in action / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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The Anaheim Ducks should be collecting prospects with high potential

If you’re one who enjoys following organizations in rebuilding mode to see if they can turn themselves into legitimate contenders down the road, you may be following the Anaheim Ducks in addition to the Red Wings. Anaheim is at that stage where they shouldn’t say no to any high-end prospect, especially one that has seen plenty of ice time in the NHL. 

The Ducks also have several enticing players the Red Wings could use at the deadline, including defenseman Ilya Lyubushkin, goaltender John Gibson should Detroit look to further stabilize their goaltending, or even someone like Adam Henrique. With some maneuvering, general manager Steve Yzerman can bring in any one of the aforementioned players, especially if he’s okay with sending a winger like Berggren to Southern California. 

The Red Wings, who have allowed 181 goals this season and sit 18th in the NHL in goals allowed as of February 24th, could also use help when they aren’t possessing the puck. So, to trade a winger for either a two-way forward like Henrique, a goaltender with a strong resume like Gibson, or a resurging blueliner like Lyubushkin would speak volumes. 

Anaheim will be asking for a high price for at least two of those names, and the Red Wings can make that price more manageable by adding Berggren to a potential package.