A somber Detroit Red Wings finale opens new opportunities for Grand Rapids Griffins

As the Detroit Red Wings' season comes to a close, the Grand Rapids Griffins are warming up for a playoff run. Some new and old faces might bolster a starved lineup. Here's who might join and what it means for the Grand Rapids Griffins.
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Simon Edvinsson

Adding on to the “too many left handed defensemen for the Grand Rapids Griffins” crowd, Edvinsson might return to the lineup. Every aspect of the Griffins team has missed him–from 5-on-5 to penalty kills to power plays to Albert Johansson, boy I didn’t realize how much of an impact Edvinsson made on the Grand Rapids Griffins until he wasn’t there for an extended period of time.

The debate can continue to rage about who has a higher ceiling between Sebastian Cossa and Edvinsson, I’m just happy if they battle it out in the playoffs for the Griffins this season.

It’s possible the Detroit Red Wings send Edvinsson home early as he played well and seems to have earned a spot in the opening night lineup next season. Of course, I thought the same about Jonatan Berggren, but we all see that I was very wrong there, so who knows?

Personally, I hope Edvinsson gets some playoff experience and regains some confidence before going home for the offseason.

Defensive Lines for the Grand Rapids Griffins

With the possible addition of Buium and reintroducing Edvinsson to the lineup, the defensive pairs might see a bit of a shake up.

Some very good players would have to sit to make room for these two (and again, Buium will take at least a few practices before he even sees a game, so maybe he would just practice without playing in games, which I think would be a mistake), I thought it might be fun to see what possible defensive pairings we might see.

There is a surplus of left handed defensemen, so one or two might be heading to the Toledo Walleye to see some playing time, and some might shift to the right side. 

Here’s what I would do with the defensive pairs (once Buium is acclimated):

  • Albert Johansson - Simon Edvinsson
  • Shai Buium - Antti Tuomisto (DU throwback, hollah!)
  • Radim Simek - William Wallinder
  • Extras: Josiah Didier, Brogan Rafferty, Eemil Viro 

To Toledo: Wyatt Newpower (nothing personal, he’s been great, but I want him seeing playing time)