Should the Detroit Red Wings make a move for Patrik Laine?

Patrik Laine is looking to leave the Columbus Blue Jackets for a fresh start on a different team. Here's my case for why I think the Detroit Red wings would be a suitable fit.
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With free agency fast approaching and the Detroit Red Wings needing a bit more help in the scoring department, Sure Dylan Larkin, Alex DeBrincat, and Lucas Raymond can all contribute 30 goals. But the team doesn't have that guy who what an other worldly release and can make even the toughest of goalies look a beer league goalie.

So I got to thinking, who on the market could help the team in this area? A guy like Jonathan Marchessault is likely going to Free Agency, but will probably cost around the 8-9 million dollar range, while guys like Steven Stamkos and Sam Reinhart are likely going to re-sign with their respective teams.

So that begs the question, "Who should the Red Wings go after?".

Patrik Laine's career has been a bit of a roller coaster.

The former Winnipeg Jets 2nd overall pick from 2016 NHL Entry Draft, Patrik Laine, started his NHL career in Winnipeg where he played from 2016-2020, netting a total of 138 goals, 109 Assists and 247 Points including a 44 goal season and two 30+ goal seasons before being traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

After being traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets, Laine continued playing at a 30+ goal pace hitting a point per game during the 2021-22 season and coming just shy of a point per game the following season. Unfortunately, a broken clavicle sustained in a game against the Toronto Maple Leafs put him out for about 6 weeks. Then, just as he was expected to return, he entered himself into the NHL's Player Assistance Program.

While I know the situation surrounding Jakub Vrána is still fresh in the minds of Red Wings fans and front office, this isn't the same situation. We all know that Steve Yzerman is a big personality and character guy. Although, Vrana was known to not be the best locker room guy, Laine is by all accounts loved by everybody in the locker room with a great personality both on and off the ice.

Personality isn't all that Laine brings to the table. In my opinion, and this may be a VERY bold opinion. Patrik Laine has the best shot in the NHL right now. Yes, Better than Nathan MacKinnon, yes, better than Alex Ovechkin and yes, better than Auston Mathews. The 26 year old Finnish winger is a pure sniper who is proven to be capable of scoring 40 goals of his own volition.

What would it take to bring in Laine?

The biggest issue with bringing in Laine is that he's not a free agent. He is still under contract through the 2025-26 season with a cap hit of $8.7 million. With the Red Wings likely in a bit of a Cap crunch this up coming season, that's a difficult contract to bring in without Columbus retaining a good amount of his contract.

It's worth noting that Laine's contract consists of a 10 team no trade clause, which means as long as the Red Wings arent one of the teams on that list, it may effect the price of any potential trade. In the end, if the Red Wings want Columbus to retain money on the contract, it would likely cost the number 15 pick and one of either Jonatan Berggren or Carter Mazur. If you're taking on the full contract a 2nd round pick and Berggren may be able to do it.

Laine would be a valuable and powerful weapon who just so happens to fit into the teams contention window.

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