Several reasons why the Detroit Red Wings should avoid trading Jonatan Berggren

Amid the chaos of the approaching trade deadline, the Detroit Red Wings would be wise to hold on to their dancing king, Jonatan Berggren.

Detroit Red Wings, Red Wings, Jonatan Berggren
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What’s in it for the Detroit Red Wings organization to keep Jonatan Berggren around?

Aside from the previously mentioned reasons, Berggren is a young player with a high-end to elite skillset that the upcoming wave of prospects possesses. I’m talking about 2-3 seasons out.

To me, Berggren reflects much of what Perron brings to the game. Great puck protection, has the ability to win battles, and get pucks back. They both are great playmakers as well as shooters (even if Berggren states he’s not a goal scorer, he’s effective at scoring goals). Albeit in different ways, both players bring their teams together as part of the glue.

Berggren is the only player who can step into the Red Wings into the forward group right now and make a positive impact at both even strength and power play. If he played a game tomorrow for the Red Wings, he would likely keep the status quo or improve it. This sentiment applies to this season and the immediate future (the next two seasons, at least).

Maybe the Red Wings trade for another allegedly disgruntled young forward who impacts Berggren similarly. The only way this idea makes sense to me is that Berggren really wants out of the organization. For the Red Wings, the trouble might not be worth the effort especially with the turnaround in Berggren’s demeanor in Grand Rapids. 

It could be that the Detroit Red Wings might package Berggren in a deal for another player. Berggren’s AHL-level value hasn’t been higher, but teams often want NHL-proven talent. Maybe the receiving team liked what they saw from Berggren in the NHL enough, coupled with his stellar AHL results; it may be enough to entice a team or two.

For the Red Wings, I would wonder who we would receive for Berggren. If he’s not better or brings a different element that’s needed within the organization, I don’t see the point. The Detroit Red Wings know what they have in Berggren on and off the ice. His teammates seem to love Berggren, as does his coach Watson and company.

The Red Wings can always use a zone entry guy, someone who transports the puck well, and a player who creates seemingly something out of nothing. Being an effective power-play guy doesn’t hurt Berggren’s case, either. (I just wish for the love of God that the coaching staff moves him to his office on the power play, the slot where he often times goes behind the net to make his magic happen.)

I think the Red Wings would be better off holding on to Berggren for the foreseeable future. If they do, Berggren will certainly surprise fans, his teammates, and even himself in the player he becomes.