Several reasons why the Detroit Red Wings should avoid trading Jonatan Berggren

Amid the chaos of the approaching trade deadline, the Detroit Red Wings would be wise to hold on to their dancing king, Jonatan Berggren.

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Jonatan Berggren has always been a favorite Red Wings prospect of mine.

Much like my late cousin, Jonatan Berggren isn’t the strongest or biggest player but quick and smart. All while bringing a wit that makes him even more entertaining. His backstory, coupled with his antics (on and off the ice with Skellefteå of the SHL), and the goofy stories made him an easy sell in my book. 

For all the success the Detroit Red Wings and Grand Rapids Griffins have earned this season, it started off challenging for Berggren. The travel for him and his partner couldn’t have been easy between Detroit Red Wings call-ups and reassignments to the Grand Rapids Griffins. 

The Grand Rapids YouTube channel posted a Game Day Preview on November 1, including Berggren. He said that he hadn’t played a game in weeks, and that’s the thing he likes most. Thus, he was happy to play some games. (On a side note, Berggren’s English is great! I’ve seen and heard criticism from the media, but they’re being silly.)

Two weeks later, in a Post-Game Interview with the Grand Rapids Griffins, a less enthused Berggren answered tough questions. One in particular stuck out to me. He was asked to compare the previous and current seasons (specifically with the Grand Rapids Griffins). Part of his response included that head coach Dan Watson and the other coaches bring new energy, so it’s fun to come to the rink. 

I’m upset for Berggren that last season may not have been fun to come to the rink. For a player who seems to have as much fun as anyone on the ice, it’s hard to hear as a supporter of his.

Thankfully, Watson and his coaching staff have helped create a positive environment for all players. In the following months, the entire team (Berggren included) reflect these improvements in their metrics, on-ice performance, and statistics, just to name a few aspects.

However, rumors have been swirling that there may be an attitude problem with Berggren. 

All I know is that when I arrived at his table with my shirt, I asked him to use the gold marker. He began to go in to sign the shirt. Pushing through the nerves, I asked if I could let him know something. 

Immediately, he looks up and makes eye contact. I thought he might just continue signing, but that wasn’t the case, as he gave me his full attention (taking even more time from his never-ending day). Then, I muttered out some words. 

They weren’t the ones I wanted, but I hope that I got my point across.

From what I remember, I tried thanking him for having fun. It seems like a childish, unimportant concept. Yet, it’s one of the most important aspects of life, in my humble opinion, that very few people utilize. He’s one of the few who seem to embrace it.

“Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun” is one of my favorite quotes from The Last Lecture of Randy Pausch. It was the idea that I hoped to get across, and I’m so thankful that he embodies it. 

Even back in Sweden, Berggren wasn’t taken seriously because of his goofiness. Meanwhile, he was chasing some of the best Swedes of all-time in the points race. Skellefteå as a team was excelling, too. 

Fun is a powerful thing.

The Detroit Red Wings are living proof of that fun is paramount, but a team could always use more. 

With less than two weeks from the trade deadline, rumors swirl.

Endless reasons bound through my mind as to why Berggren should remain with the Detroit Red Wings organization.