Round 1 playoff awards for the Grand Rapids Griffins

With the sun setting on round 1 of the playoffs, here are a few awards for certain Grand Rapids Griffins players and why.
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As the Grand Rapids Griffins wrap up the first round of their playoff run, I’d like to take a few moments to reflect.

This team started out amazing. The first 2 games opening weekend in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was electric. It inspired fans, which was a stark contrast to seasons past. 

Our promising Grand Rapids Griffins went off to the mountains in Colorado and suffered a few setbacks. It took them awhile to regain their form. A mix of a new coaching staff, young and veteran players, and a range of players in their first years as Grand Rapids Griffins player to ones that were tenured with the team. Unforeseen challenges made winning secondary to gelling as a team.

As the team came together, while adjusting to a new captain and system, they soared higher than any previous group. Especially at home, the Grand Rapids Griffins were practically unstoppable.

Mirroring their season, the Grand Rapids Grifins started off strong. Although game 1 went to overtime, it had no business doing so. The Grand Rapids Griffins carried play throughout the game and should have won it easily, but those games will happen. 

Game 2 was a bit a of a shock as the Grand Rapids Griffins lost at home. The lackluster performance was one to forget about with 1 exception. Various reasons led to veterans swapping out of and into the Grand Rapids Griffins lineup. 

In Game 3, we saw captain Josiah Didier suit up for the first time this series. With his presence, every player’s game seemed to elevate. Carrying play throughout games 3 and 4, the Grand Rapids Griffins dispatched their opponents.

Here are a few awards to the players as selected by me and why.