3 ways the Red Wings can get back on track as NHL playoff race heats up

The Detroit Red Wings have been one of the worst teams in the NHL in March, dropping all five games so far this month and six straight.
Detroit Red Wings v Chicago Blackhawks
Detroit Red Wings v Chicago Blackhawks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Defense must be Priority No. 1

When the Red Wings 2023-24 season commenced in October, you knew they were going to be one of the NHL’s highest-scoring teams if they could stay healthy. But defense and goaltending were still concerns, and it has shown throughout this six-game losing streak, with opponents scoring an eye-popping 32 goals on them, over five per game if you’re doing the math. 

With 218 total goals against, the Red Wings are 23rd in the league following their loss to the Sabres. And while they need to add (or promote) a few more pieces to be even remotely effective defensively in the coming seasons, playing a solid game without the puck must take centerstage from now until mid-April. 

Imagine if Detroit allowed just 20, instead of 32 goals over the past six games. That number averages just 3.33 per game, and it would be good enough to have allowed them to play at least 0.500 hockey since February 29th. 

It’s time for this team to develop a better mindset defensively, win puck battles in their own zone, prevent opponents from making plays, and make life a little easier for their goaltenders. And no, it’s not all on goaltenders James Reimer and Alex Lyon: Throughout their losing streak, Detroit has allowed 217 shots on goal, or 36.16 per game. Not even a top Vezina candidate would fare well playing behind them.