Red Wings land a sensational complementary forward in Team-by-Team NHL Mock Draft

The Detroit Red Wings could end up with another dynamic scorer, but this team-by-team NHL Mock Draft just outlined another option.
Div. Bobrova Hockey Club player, Mikhail Berdine (1) and Div...
Div. Bobrova Hockey Club player, Mikhail Berdine (1) and Div... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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13th Overall: Minnesota Wild - Tij Iginla, C/Kelowna Rockets

My bet is that Tij Iginla will be a top 10 pick next week, so if he drops this far to a team like the Minnesota Wild, they just made an epic move. There were a few questionable picks earlier, so in this particular scenario, it’s nothing more than an organization taking advantage of an enticing situation. 

14th Overall: San Jose Sharks - Beckett Sennecke, RW/Oshawa Generals

I thought a blueliner would go here, but the simulation, as it did so many times in this mock draft, surprised me with Beckett Sennecke. But I’m not one to complain, as a Macklin Celebrini-Beckett Sennecke combo, not to mention their other young talent, could be epic in time. 

15th Overall: Detroit Red Wings - Igor Chernyshov, LW/Dynamo Moskva

I went into this mock draft thinking about what the Red Wings had a surplus of not only in their prospect pool, but with the big club. They have a good bit of scorers, and they have fast-rising defensemen, but I wanted to see a power forward with a simpler game who could, in time, become at least a complementary scorer if not more. 


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