Red Wings land a sensational complementary forward in Team-by-Team NHL Mock Draft

The Detroit Red Wings could end up with another dynamic scorer, but this team-by-team NHL Mock Draft just outlined another option.
Div. Bobrova Hockey Club player, Mikhail Berdine (1) and Div...
Div. Bobrova Hockey Club player, Mikhail Berdine (1) and Div... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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The Red Wings may have landed a stellar complementary power forward in this 2024 NHL Mock Draft simulation via FC Hockey, but wow, sometimes that simulation can bring us plenty of surprises. Sure, this was the case in many of my previous seven-round mock drafts, but wow, just wait until you read past the No. 1 pick, which I probably shouldn’t have to tell you at this point who that is. 

It starts with the No. 2 pick to the Chicago Blackhawks, and it does not end until the Red Wings scoop up a rather enticing forward at No. 15. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this read, and if this is how the first 15 picks in the 2024 NHL Draft turns out next week, well, it will be one fans will talk about for ages. 

1st Overall: San Jose Sharks - Macklin Celebrini, C/Boston University

I’ve conducted quite a few of these team-by-team mock draft simulations this week, and I have seen some interesting combinations play out. But if one common denominator has held steady, it’s that Macklin Celebrini hasn’t moved, nor will he. 

2nd Overall: Chicago Blackhawks - Sam Dickinson, D/London Knights

If Artyom Levshunov isn’t the first defenseman off the board, everyone’s mock draft will most likely be rendered irrelevant. Still, Sam Dickinson as a surprise pick here is an interesting one, something I wouldn’t criticize even if there are at least three blueliners I could see going before him. 

3rd Overall: Anaheim Ducks - Berkly Catton, C/Spokane Chiefs

My Big Five are Macklin Celebrini, Artyom Levshunov, Ivan Demidov, Cayden Lindstrom, and Cole Eiserman - in terms of where I think they will be drafted. But if there’s one player not listed in the Big Five who I wouldn’t mind seeing break that trend on draft day, it’s Berkly Catton, so I would credit the Ducks here if they took him. 

4th Overall: Columbus Blue Jackets - Zeev Buium, D/Denver

I would rather have seen Artyom Levshunov fall here, which would have been a gift to a long-suffering Blue Jackets organization. But I can also more than justify seeing Zeev Buium go to the organization, as he’s a likely two-way player when he reaches the NHL, and one Blue Jackets fans shouldn’t hesitate to follow.