The most recent longest winning streak in Red Wings history

The Red Wings are one of the NHL’s most successful franchises, and with that success have come more than a few memorable winning streaks.

Detroit Red Wings v Dallas Stars - Game Six
Detroit Red Wings v Dallas Stars - Game Six / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Despite being one of the most successful franchises in NHL history with 11 Stanley Cups to their name, the Detroit Red Wings are ironically one of just a few franchises to never win 10 straight games in a single regular season. But what they lack for ultra-long winning streaks doesn’t mean they lack quantity, as the Red Wings have won nine straight games seven different times over their near-century-long existence. 

And if the Red Wings win nine-straight again in the future, their fans may consider it a good luck charm, as it last occurred during their memorable 2007-08 campaign. Detroit beat the San Jose Sharks on October 18th, 2007, and they kept the momentum going until November 9th in a victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets. 

The Red Wings, who were already a solid 4-2-1 before notching their fifth win of the year over San Jose, sat at 13-2-1 before they suffered their third loss of the year to the Chicago Blackhawks just two days following their win over Columbus on November 11th. 

Most recent record winning streak set the stage for the 2007-08 Red Wings

While the Red Wings wouldn’t win nine straight games again that season, they did snag a seven-game streak between November 27th and December 10th, 2007. Had they not sustained a shootout loss to the Edmonton Oilers on December 13th, the Red Wings would have likely set a new franchise record, as they won three more games following that loss. 

When January 17th, 2008, rolled around, Detroit once again embarked on a long winning streak, this time snagging eight W’s in a row. The streak lasted until February 5th, and the Red Wings sat at 41-10-4 after they beat the Minnesota Wild before losing to the Los Angeles Kings on February 7th. 

These streaks built enough momentum for Detroit, as they skated into the 2008 Stanley Cup Final and hoisted the Cup after defeating the upstart Pittsburgh Penguins in six games. While the Red Wings haven’t won a Cup since that memorable 2008 season, if the latest incarnation of this talented hockey team snags nine W’s in a row, perhaps it will foreshadow their next run to bring a championship back to the Motor City. 


(Statistics and data provided by Hockey-Reference)