3 reasons the Red Wings put the NHL on notice following an intriguing season

The Detroit Red Wings extended what has become the NHL’s second-longest playoff drought, but it doesn’t mean their season wasn’t an inspiring one.
Detroit Red Wings vs Montreal Canadiens
Detroit Red Wings vs Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages
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This team was on pace for 100 points shortly before Larkin’s injury

Although their infamous losing streak right before the “down the stretch period” occurred before they lost Dylan Larkin for a couple of weeks, his injury marked the unfortunate turning point of the season. But with Larkin in the lineup, the Red Wings showed the NHL just how good they are as a healthy bunch. 

Before their losing streak started in late February and lasted until early March, the Red Wings were 33-20-6, good for 72 points in 59 games and 1.22 points per contest. Multiply 1.22 by 82, and you get 100.06 points, showing us that they could have easily been the fourth-best team in the Atlantic. 

We honestly don’t know if the Red Wings would have avoided a losing streak if Larkin didn’t get hurt, and maybe they wouldn’t have. But staying consistent is the likelier outcome, which would have led to a playoff berth. This team played too well all season when they were healthy, and you can argue the Red Wings would have been one formidable opponent in the postseason. 

While their losing streak hampered the season, Detroit still rallied and finished the year 8-5-3 for 19 points. Once again, they showed us what they were capable of when healthy, and next year, they will be even better.